Greenish club

Here at Greenish, we believe that working with local partners creates a more lasting effect.

For this reason, we decided to create this campaign to organize training all over Egypt. Preparing for these training involves the recruitment of local entities, groups and individuals interested in the environment. Subsequently, we address the environmental issues in each city and how to raise awareness among their community through social media or visual and performative arts. The participants are also taught how to organize cleanups in their respective city and get the chance to implement these tools by organizing a cleanup of their own under the supervision of Greenish. This training is considered a sustainable solution to eliminating wastes city by city as the participants will organize regular cleanups and awareness campaigns after the end of the duration of the training. The manual will include best practices of the awareness raising campaigns and to act as guide book for clean ups and awareness raising activities/ campaigns. This manual will be the main source used when initiating groups/ ambassadors whom will be receiving extensive awareness raising sessions on the topic of plastic leakage reduction to waterways, planting, recycling and renewable energy, in-order from them to continue to replicate these awareness raising sessions afterwards.The manual will be published with open source license to be accessible by anyone who wishes to learn about cleanup events planning, preparation and execution, planting, recycling or renewable energy. The manual is going to be both written and in-video format.

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