Greenish Clubs

Greenish Clubs

Greenish Clubs program operates on an annual basis in parallel with the academic year of higher education in Egypt, and is divided into three phases throughout the year.

The first phase is a series of workshops that Greenish’s environmental experts tutor to club students. 

The second phase includes the delivery of content from students in their clubs to their universities through the same format as the workshop. During this stage, they use the knowledge they have gained to start working on developing a social entrepreneurship idea or community-based solution.

The third and final phase of the annual program is the incubation phase, where students develop their ideas and go through bootcamp to improve the feasibility of proposed solutions or project concepts.

Afterwards, specific number of projects are selected to receive the Medhat Benzoher Award, a financial award to help them either carry out their initiatives or assist them as part of their efforts. It is distributed and advertised at Greenish Festival.

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Mohamed Hisham on "Monty Toys" محمد هشام عن


Menna Issa on "Gargera" منة عيسى عن


Mohamed Ageena on "Rebekia" محمد عجينة عن


Mohamed Zayed on "Teen Voice" محمد زايد عن


Ibrahim Emam on "Citry" إبراهيم إمام عن


Abo Bakr Omar on "Egypt Paradise Tour" أبو بكر عمر


Greenish Clubs
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